Training & Learning Support

Certified Trainings & Learning Support

We offer 500+ training and skill enhancement programs to meet the challenges of the future and to adapt your business operational demands and fit prepare an individual for better and secured future. We offers functional knowledge on strategy management, business process management and IT services, Business continuity, Risk Management, Disaster recovery, Leadership, Cyber security, Information and data management, Business processes, Health & Safety. 

Our Customized approach helps organisation plan their Trainings in advance as per the budget. We have Certified, Non certified, Global standard based training topics and programs to help every professional choose as per his need and industry demand.

ISO Trainings

Choose from 200+ Global standards to become a certified Professional and manage implementation

IT Trainings

 Learn all skills necessary for performing information technology jobs to ensure continous growth

Information Security

Learn from Basic awareness to advance techniques in information security

Cyber Security

Learn everything from Protection to Prevention and become certified professioanl

Business Skills

Learn from 100+ topics to manage your daily operations activities more efficiently

Project Management

Learn the right skills to plan, layout, execute and analyse any project

Leadership skills

 Learn all the techniques &  standards from basic to advance to become a successful leader

Data Protection

Learn all the right ways to handle, Use, Store and Delete any critical data within the company

Data Analysis

 Data analysis helps you to learn organize, interprets, structures to presents the data into useful information to make better decisions


Learn all about the different context & the changing habits of consumers to figure out the best channels to reach your target audience

Finance & Accounting

Choose from a wide range of topics from basic budgeting courses to international finance compliance training

Health & Safety

Our list of trainings under this section helps you to understand best safety practices and expectations.

Special In House Trainings

Choose any subject, trainer, date, and duration as per the requirement of your team and industry & get customize training delivered

Crisis Management

Learn Crisis management topics to get prepared & handle every Crisis. Implement the relevant measures under CM policy 

Risk Management & Assessment

Learn professional risk management practices based on global standards and tools and manage the overall Risk effectively

Business Continuity

Understand the methods and importance of business continuity management and increase your operational reliability in the industry

Quality Management

learn to deliver a quality product or service by improving your processes, or set up a world-class quality management system based on international standards.

Soft Skills Trainings

Improve your interpersonal skills to win socially and professionally. This also helps people to adapt new roles and environment more positively

Software Developement

We have different courses in software development which address the process of creating software, development of tools &
methodologies etc

Cloud Security

Get Trained on the leading cloud security techniques and tools, best practices to keep cloud environment secure and compliant as per the global standards to maintain overall safety