Strategic Management

Strategic management training can boost a professional capacity to generate quick and long-lasting results for a business unit or market.


24-25 October 2021


Online Session

Objectives of Strategic Management:



Strategic management theories and processes and their implementation in real-life scenarios.


Application of Porter’s Five Forces Model and use it for business analysis.


In-depth learning of Potential strategic positions for organizations.


Scanning, monitoring, and analyzing industries and markets for signs of a strategic shift.


Management biases, commitment errors, and reasoning errors and methods to fix them.

About the course

Strategic management training can boost a professional capacity to generate quick and long-lasting results for a business unit or market. it is the continuous arranging, observing, investigation, and appraisal of all necessities an organization needs to meet its objectives and goals. The strategic management training helps employees to chalk out methodologies, in case of any change in working situations.

Who should attend
  • Anyone involved in management and business and wants to improvise the skills of professional management.
  • Employees who will soon be Project Sponsors or Project Managers the company has identified need some training before taking on a new project.
  • Management specialists real-life need to build up their capability, to cope with any sudden change.
  • Business students pursuing post-graduate hoping to get internships and jobs in big organizations.
Why our Strategic Management
  • Among the top in-demand courses for business professionals.
  • Provides the skills that are needed in producing well-documented project completion proofs.
  • Helps to work better with changing business across the globe.
  • Reliable, worthwhile, and standard course.
Our Approach

Our high-tech learning methodology increases learning by inculcating knowledge and improving skills. This course is project-based, bringing about a more profound comprehension of the material and a more prominent effect on work performance.

  • Learn Basics for a wide range of Businesses.
  • Get acquainted with further developed and itemized examination strategies.
  • Solve more tough spots to get used to further developed issues.

What we cover:

  • Focus on the practical knowledge and skills that a project leader must master.
  • Project-based work and SWOT analysis.
  • Training and interactions with a complex commercial, economic, political, technological, cultural, and social environment.
  • Planning, strategy formulation, strategic analysis, and strategy implementation
  • Create a view of the key factors which can have an impact on the present and future performance of a company.

There might be MCQ type exam at the end of the training

Participants certification would receive certificate

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