Effective Networking Approach

Making connections and maintaining relationships with individuals who support you all through your profession can be the way to progress for most people.


28-29 June-2021


Online Session

Objectives of Effective Networking Approach:



Be aware of the key traits of a successful networker and understand the pitfalls to avoid.


Know how often to network in order to build a robust network and maintain useful relationships.


Understand how to determine a networking aim, research events and choose who to talk to.


Know how to prepare physically and mentally for an upcoming networking event.


Know how to approach people, introduce yourself and start a conversation with confidence.


Understand the importance of listening skills, body language and asking questions.


Know how to follow up, maintain contact with and re-approach existing network connections.

About the course

Making connections and maintaining relationships with individuals who support you all through your profession can be the way to progress for most people. By adequately fabricating a network of partners, business partners and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you are guaranteeing that at whatever point you need another customer, a new position, or to build up your abilities further, you can call upon your network to help you.
Networking is maybe more urgent than any other time in recent memory, as an established relationship can make you contrast the opposition. For any individual who has at any point functioned as an assistant at an enormous association, probably the best suggestion you’ll get is to network, network, and network more while you’re there. Exploit the entrance you’ve been given, make a special effort to meet other insightful people and develop a network of contacts so when you leave (or in the event that they do first), there is an establishment for a relationship set up.

Who should attend
  • Individuals who have been recognized as high-expected pioneers and have utilized that chance for their potential benefit.
  • Managers who are looking to upgrade their administration abilities, and exhibit a solid drive to arrive at the highest point of their association.
  • Business leaders, managers, top performers, emerging leaders within your organization.
  • This course is intended for anyone looking to enhance and develop their professional network in order to open up opportunities and strengthen their professional relationships.
Why our Effective Networking Approach
  • One of the most necessary and important courses for Business Professionals of any organization.
  • Internationally recognized standards in Effective Networking Training.
  • Cost-efficient, reliable, effective, and unique methodology.
  • Entails all the major aspects required for Effective Networking in any type of company.
Our Approach
  • Our innovative learning technique builds learning by teaching information and improving abilities. This course is training-based, achieving a more significant appreciation of the material and a more conspicuous impact on work execution.
  • Learn Basics for a wide scope of Businesses.
  • Get familiar with additional business processes and their implications on various projects.
  • Solve more difficulties to become accustomed to additional created issues.

What we cover:

  • Nature and advantages of networking.
  • Hindrances to networking and how to overcome them.
  • Relational abilities including giving and getting criticism, tuning in and utilizing suitable non-verbal communication.
  • Online communication in a professional context.
  • Essentials of brand value as applied to people.

There might be MCQ type exam at the end of the training

Participants certification would receive certificate

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