Date 12/07/2021


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Duration 2 Hours

A Spill, A Slip, A Disaster Trip

Join and get a steer control to get rescued from cyber crisis

Virtual Event

Chiefs and Directors of Cyber security are joining us


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UK Government Certified Trainer

A breach alone is not a Crisis, but mishandling it is.

Cybersecurity exercises are absolutely expected of all companies by regulators. We have helped numerous multinationals, governments and start-ups manage crises, we always welcome a discussion in this important area and we think the issues revolving around crisis management are ripe — if not overdue — for debate.


Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

A virtual event as we share our experience, of managing a cyber incident before, during and after it unfolds. 

You are invited to join us and our special and battle scarred  speaker, Mr. Amar Singh, CISO, Cyber Crisis & Incident Response Practitioner and Trusted advisor to police forces, financial institutions, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, the NHS and telecom firms.

Our Speaker, would be shedding light and, will be imparting knowledge though the full lifecycle of a tabletop session consisting of:


The pros and cons of involving senior executives in the session


Tips on ensuring a deeply engaging table top exercises, which will assist you in interception of Cyber crisis