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HN Brain Works

As the worldwide pioneer company in management services, we offer training, certification, consulting, audit and learning support globally, giving the absolute best learning and improvement solutions modified to your exact needs

HN Brain Works learning experience promises a quality skill development programs with renowned professional experts. Our aim is to deliver you and the organisation the ultimate program for more efficient continuous learning and skill excellence.

Our Vision

To develop a single largest platform to cater all management needs

To be recognized and appreciated as the most trusted learning & development partner by our clients.

To be recognized among the great places to work..

Our Mission

To offer differentiated learning & development products and services that adds value to our clients business and products.
To build long term partnerships with our clients by being centered around their needs and delivering quality work in the most cost effective manner, every time.

Our Expertise

Our expertise covers programs that include Business operations, Management, Project, Finance, Healthcare, Human resources, Information technology, leadership & management, Digital marketing, Professional development, Strategy management, etc. These programs gives a variety of options to look forward to in terms of qualification for your perspective career

Our Team and Management

A dedicated team of professionals, Trainer, Tutors  are strength of our company who brings various industry expertise and global exposure to help you succeed in subject matter. Working from almost every corner of the world makes it easy for us to connect with you in any country. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss and give our premium solutions, services as per your and growth requirements.

Training & learning support

We offer 500+ training and skill enhancement programs to meet the challenges of the future and to adapt your business operational demands and fit prepare an individual for better and secured future. We offers functional knowledge on strategy management, business process management and IT services, Business continuity, Risk Management, Disaster recovery, Leadership, Cyber security, Information and data management, Business processes, Health & Safety, 


We Conduct internal and management audits
to help you achieve better processes and operational efficiency. Our internal and management audit services are designed to suit individual client specific needs. It helps you in providing assistance in managing your key business concerns, be it achieving your strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms,implementation of various ISO standards, conducting Gap assessment & managing reporting requirements.

IT Advisory

We implement or integrate best techniques and tools to address key business issues. Aligning business, IT strategies and architectures, managing complex business IT transformations, optimising IT performance/value and managing IT costs, in the context of appropriately managing risk and achieving business results. We will tell you the right technology to adopt and how to introduce it into the system effectively. Get maximum return on your technology investment by reaching out to us today.

Customised Learning Tutorial for your teams

Every business has different environment & unique processes. A common learning  method may not fit for every organisation and investing in same learning again & again would be expensive. We help you develop customised learning tutorial for short topics which can be used anytime without any repetitive expense. Tutorials are very effective tool to make your new team understand the existing business processes easily without taking much time.

BCM, Disaster Recovery & Cyber safety tools

We offer dynamic and intuitive set of various Business Continuity Management, cyber safety and disaster recovery tools to help you manage and continue business operation, recover on time, and safeguard the most crucial business information in any crises efficiently. We are partnered with some very well established  tools provider to help you get best solutions for your business operations.

Cyber Academy

We offer a very well developed infrastructure, excellent course modules and truly the best tutors to make your learn in an interactive environment to students through this academy learn the world’s most desirable subject to help them create a better future and scope of development in their professional career. As per the growing need of every country to have good cyber experts, we are here to create a bridge for cyber security filed.